The following services are offered

  • SAM based Athlete Management

    SAM based Athlete Management

    SAM is a transparent tool designed specifically for ESC athletes. The personalized platform allows athletes to understand their off field identity and strategically manage their career.

  • Contract negotiations

    Contract negotiations

    ESC offers in-house legal services and advice to help athletes bridge the gap between the game and the law. We offer support with labor contracts, commercial contracts and transfer agreements.

  • Brand Building

    Brand Building

    We help our athletes build and manage their brand identity in order to find sponsors who match their personality. We assist with endorsement negotiations that will propel our athletes into becoming future idols.

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Break Barriers.
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Become a legacy

Become a legacy

Become an ESC athlete and take your career to the next level. Be smart, be bold, push new boundaries and reach your goals.

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SAM is a strategic full service athlete management tool designed to help athletes seamlessly manage their off field identity so they can keep their head in the game.

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