COVID-19 vs. the World.

We see the global impact COVID-19 has caused worldwide, and are taking our responsibility to help #flattenthecurve. We have informed all our clients and partners and will continue to work from home for the time being. We urge everyone to take this situation seriously and #stayhome as much as you can. Besides being professionals in the sports and especially the (women’s) football industry, we are also sports fans. This means that we love the sport, and we cannot and will not stop working to help it thrive after we beat the spread of the Corona virus. While this means we immensely miss watching live football, we are also thinking of ways to keep our community together. We are home, but not alone. 

Our various projects, including media platform VV Kicks will continue to provide our community with relevant content. And we will be more vocal about the possible effects these trying times will have on the female sports industry. History has shown women’s sports to be the first to be neglected during a crisis of any sort. Let’s not repeat it, and break this pattern. 

If as a company you are looking for ways to reach out to the women’s football community, we will gladly advise and assist you on this! We have some great concepts lined up that can help both your company, as well as female players that for the foreseeable future are also not able to do their jobs. Stay safe, get in touch, and let’s continue to break barriers. 

– Team ESC

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