Like every good story, ours started in 2015 at a convention aptly named ‘Between Babes & Butches’.

Leonne was a speaker at the conference, discussing the impact of (female) celebrities as brand ambassadors while Hassnah was in the audience after having seen an invite for the event on Twitter. After having a riveting conversation where approximately four words were exchanged, each of us went our own way, not knowing that our paths would continue to cross, largely due to our pasts. Before we get to this, please allow us to rewind, and re-introduce ourselves.

Leonne Stentler

Leonne first kicked a ball in Rotterdam - Zuid,

and quickly fell in love with the beautiful game. She grew up playing in different boys teams, until the Eredivisie Vrouwen was created in 2007. What followed was an impressive professional career with ADO Den Haag, Ajax Amsterdam and the Dutch national team. Leonne was part of the first Dutch team to qualify for a big tournament, the European Championship in 2009. Early retirement due to a career ending injury meant hanging up her boots, but it did not mean closing the door on women’s football. Leonne finds her strength in innovation and new initiatives. She was the driving force behind the first women’s football clothing brand and the media platform VV Kicks. Her strength lies in concept and strategy development and building the right team to achieve goals. Professionally educated as a communication specialist, formally educated on the football pitch, Leonne made history this year, becoming the first female pundit on the NOS show ‘Eredivisie op Vrijdag’.

At ESC Leonne is our communication specialist, creative strategist and resident wordplay extraordinaire.

Hassnah Elhage

Hassnah was born and raised in sunny Curaçao

to a family of sports fanatics and administrators. After realising the WNBA would most likely (literally) be out of reach, and being sent away from a local football club for being a girl, she fell in love with competitive swimming. Very early mornings chasing an Olympic dream earned her a spot on the national team and brought her to the USA at age 14. Several career ending injuries later, she had a decision to make, and moved to the Netherlands to study law.  She holds an LL.M in International and European Labour Law from the University of Amsterdam where she focused on how and when to introduce a CBA in women’s football and a Master in Sport Management from the Johan Cruyff Institute that saw the birth of her management tool SAM. An extended stint at a law firm and experience as a football intermediairy re-ignited a love of sports(law) and strengthened the passion to make a difference for women in the industry.

At ESC, Hassnah is a legal and creative strategist, sports fanatic, dog lover and all-around geek.

Back to the future

As our paths continued to cross, we eventually sat down for coffee and realised we had a similar vision for women’s football, but were doing very different things in the industry. Hassnah was working as a players agent and legal advisor, and Leonne was developing the first female football clothing brand. At the end of 2017 this changed, when Leonne asked Hassnah to join VV Kicks, and take it from a talkshow to an online platform and digital production company. Before we knew it, this cup of coffee resulted in a collaboration that would lead to many cups of coffee and the launch of several projects, brands and eventually the decision to join forces and change Elhage Sports Consultancy, to Elhage Stentler Consultancy, or ESC for short.

ESC 2019 

Our motto at ESC is to Break Barriers, and that is what we have set out to do. Our different backgrounds, but shared experiences as women in the professional sports industry means that we grew up as athletes, but were born to disrupt. By combining our strengths, we can offer a 360 approach to help professionalise the women’s sports industry. We’re driven by our shared values, and are passionate about the work we do. Feel free to take a look at our services, and get in touch, we love coffee!

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in this industry, and can’t wait to continue to break barriers.

Leonne Stentler

Hassnah Elhage