We both grew up in the sports industry and have worked in various (sport) businesses for many years. Our expertise in sports law, business development, branding & marketing allows us to provide your (sports) team, company or brand with tailor made consultancy to help you professionalize.  Check out how we work below.


First thing is first, we believe in sustainable projects. To know where you are going, we need to know where you've been. We will conduct a full analysis of your organisation, its branch and opportunities. This RESEARCH will help you plan for your future.


Now that we know your past, we will help you PLAN your way to the top. In phase two, we will discuss your goals and create a unique, sustainable plan suited to help you break barriers.


Plans are only so good as their implementation. In phase three we will help you ACT. This means helping you restructure, implement and pivot so you can achieve your goals.

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception."

- the Notorious RBG

"Revolution is not a one time event."

- Audre Lorde


Branding is crucial to every organisation in the sports industry. It sets the tone of how people think and feel about your organisation. Your brand helps you create an identity that allows your sponsors and fans to become part of your DNA. It tells and sells your story. We have worked for and launched several brands, and offer athletes, clubs and federation or sports organisation several plans to develop, (re)create and launch a strong brand that stays true to their identity. Contact us for a personalised plan, based on your wishes. 



Your identity is the DNA of your brand and sports organisation. It tells the rest of the world who you are and what you stand for. It creates a bond with fans that is so strong that it becomes a part of their DNA. We will help you (re)create your identity and sharpen your values, to create an identity that truly represents your story.


Sports brands are only as strong as their stories. Successful brands tell a story that resonates with their fans. And your story can as well. We will help you take your identity, understand it, and identify the tools needed to communicate it to your fans and sponsors. We will (re)write your story, so it can live forever.


Once your identity and story are written, we can help you implement the tools identified to help communicate your message. We can help visualise and vocalise your message, and offer full marketing and social media plans.


Sports thrive on sponsorship and endorsements, but sponsors can also use sports to create brand loyalty and tap into new markets. Successful sponsorship only happens when sponsor activation plans and campaigns create visibility and trigger action. Smart sponsorship solidifies a company’s bond to an athlete, sports team, league or organisation. We are here to help you achieve both.



Smart and successful activation requires a solid understanding of the market, and an even stronger understanding of your own brand affinity in that market. Let us help you identify your chances in the sports industry or branche you want to sponsor. We believe in sustainability, meaning that we will work with your team to help you create a solid and credible strategy that will help you launch your activation with purpose and value, reflected in sales.


We are creators. We love creating new concepts and ideas, on different platforms, that best showcase your authentic voice and value. We can help you create new ideas to help you make your mark in the sports industry and show your support for women in sports.


There is nothing better than seeing your campaign launch, except watching it succeed. We can help you and your team identify the key players needed to make this happen, and will cheer with you when the likes turn into sales.

Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.

- Johan Cruijff


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