Our core values represent the foundation of our company.
We celebrate them both in life and in business.

Equality is a big part of our brand identity. Our slogan reflects that, but so does our every day life. We believe in sustainable projects, and a world where women in sports excel, both on the pitch and in the boardroom. We believe in breaking barriers. And most important, we believe in the power of being good human beings.

We’re big fans of keeping it real, and our work reflects that. We communicate honestly and openly, and always strive to keep our work fair and transparent.

We believe that being bold generates value and is necessary to change to world we work in, as well as the world we live in.

We are driven by passion and committed to our cause. Educate and promote more women, break more barriers.

We embrace inclusiveness, and are proud supporters of equal rights and equal opportunities, for everyone.

We are not re-inventing the wheel, but we work very hard to make it spin faster. We believe that innovation adds value to whatever you do.